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Video Call with Sign Language

Your partner for accessibility

Empowering Deaf customers and employees

For your clients

Your customers may visit your store, lobby, office, etc. at any time.  By having on-demand certified interpreters, your staff will be ready and willing to communicate with d/Deaf customers easily and effectively, avoiding lengthy and confusing interactions.  Showcase your business as accessible and inclusive by creating on-demand communication avenues through Tive and be ready for anyone who comes through your door.
A salesperson handing a bag to a shopper
For your clients
In a Meeting

For your employees

Corporations have the unique scenarios of having Deaf employees and customers, presenting a variety of different communication needs on a regular basis.  Tive for Corporations creates success for your d/Deaf employees with the ease of an on-demand interpreter available for immediate needs that may arise at any moment.  Avoid having to submit requests for interpreters weeks in advance only to find out no one is available on the day of your appointment.  Prescheduled requests and on-demand interpreting are both available and you can immediately choose from an available list of interpreters who are available that best suits your communication preferences. 

Our Services

All features in ONE app for internal and external organizational needs.

Nationally Certified Interpreters

All features in ONE app

Dedicated Support

Efficient Billing and Reporting

On-demand Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Additional Services coming Summer 2024

Ability to pick preferred interpreters from available list

On-demand Video Relay Services (VRS)

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