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The team at Tive


Our mobile app offers a diverse and vital platform for the 37.5 Million d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH) and the Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) communities, and for the Interpreters. It is a service, communication technology, community and marketplace to meet the needs and expectations of a generation of digital natives who have smart devices in their hands. 


Tive™ is a bridge to an era of access and empowerment. 

Tive™ is transformative, expanding the world of choice and freedom.

Our Vision

Tive™ was built by and for the d/Deaf to serve the community and their circle of family, friends and colleagues. A cutting-edge technologically advanced App designed specifically to be welcoming, content-rich and an environment designed to enrich the lives of d/Deaf and HOH Americans and all of their relationships and connections. We put our creative minds together to create a positive and transformative app. Tive™ is a bridge to a new era of access and inclusivity.

Our Belief

The founders of Tive™ bring our background and experiences to place mobility, flexibility and ASL accessibility through mobile devices.  Through this we are ensuring inclusiveness and equity, and the ability to connect d/Deaf users and Interpreters with all of the activities, social, cultural and commercial opportunities available. This is our promise to the community.

Tive Logo

Company Updates

  • Tive is awarded FCC certification for VRS on October 27th 2023

  • Tive received a 2022 EdTech Digest award for Assistive Technology Solution.

  • Tive named one of the top Southern California Companies and Startups for 2021.

  • Signed Letter of Intent with SmartMirror to enable TiveConnect in major retail and hospitality entities.

  • Signed first Nationwide Enterprise contract to provide interpretive services across the USA for Pediatric appointments for the Deaf.

  • Tive is finalizing status as the 4th certified FCC Video Relay Service USA provider.

  • 32% ahead of our user acquisition model since December 2021

  • Tive is available on both Apple App store and Google Play store.

  • Tive awarded patent for software IP.

  • Tive was granted Taxonomy code by for Medicare/Medical Interpreting

  • Tive Video platform granted HIPAA certification.

  • Granted trademarks in classes 9, 38, 41 and 42. 

  • Tive also holds patents in our gamification, sign language emojis and sign-name structure.

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