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Tive™’s Hub page features a wide array of compelling, current and valuable content hand-curated and updated daily, focused on d/Deaf news and topics. Unlike any other news stream or website for the d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH) and Children Of Deaf Adults (CODA) community, TiveHub™ offers our users a broad choice of subject areas in which they can subscribe and get daily news, including health, careers, education, family, parenting, LGBTQ+, customized experiences and engagement opportunities designed exclusively for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons and all connections.

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There are many ways Tive™ community members can actively engage with the community across the application. TiveMix™ is where members post updates, share ideas and ASL videos, update friends and family on recent events, and simply share images, videos, articles and information that is useful, inspiring and fun. This dynamic space is easy to navigate, enables streaming and static media, and includes special design elements created exclusively for the Tive™ Community. TiveMix™ is a welcoming and inclusive social space, a fun place to expand your network and make new friends.

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Tive™’s chat feature allows our community members to directly message another member––anywhere any time using text or video chat.

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HIPAA compliant, TiveConnect™ allows our community members to connect with a live, certified ASL interpreter––anytime, anywhere,  for everyday life situations such as anything from a doctor’s appointment or emergency roadside assistance, to a parent teacher conference or job interview. The d/Deaf user has immediate access to an ASL interpreter on demand. Accessing this feature on your mobile device,  Tive™ provides easy communication access, giving you, the user, the independence to have an interpreter at your fingertips and freedom of choice. 

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