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About Us

Our mobile app offers a diverse and vital platform for the 37.5 Million d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH) and the Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) communities, and for the Interpreters. It is a service, communication technology, community and marketplace to meet the needs and expectations of a generation of digital natives who have smart devices in their hands. 

Our Mission

Tive™ was created to serve this community and their circle of family and friends. A curated App designed specifically to be welcoming, content-rich and an environment designed to enrich the lives of d/Deaf and HOH Americans and their families, including CODA.

Tive™ is a bridge to an era of access and empowerment. 

Tive™ is transformative, expanding the world of choice and freedom.

Our Belief

The founders of Tive™ bring our background and experiences to place mobility, flexibility and ASL accessibility through mobile devices.  Through this we are ensuring inclusiveness and equity, and the ability to connect d/Deaf users and Interpreters with all of the activities, social, cultural and commercial opportunities available. This is our promise to the community.

Media Assets


Screenshot of the Tive App. 
TiveMix: Heart of Tive where the d/Deaf, HoH, CODA and friends and families of the community come together. 
TiveChat: Robust messaging platform specifically designed for the d/Deaf, HoH and CODA communities. 
TiveConnect: Enables the community to access ASL interpreters, anytime, anywhere, for anything. 
TiveHub: Experiences, knowledge-base, and support uniquely serving the d/Deaf, HoH and CODA communities


Tive Logo
Long tive logo
Long tive logo white on black

Clear Space

All formats of the Tive™ Primary Logotype require a minimum amount of surrounding clear space in order to ensure legibility in every application. It is critical to maintain or exceed the minimum clear space as indicated here.

The minimum clear space around the logo should be .33 the height of the “e” within the Tive™ Primary Logotype as illustrated in this diagram. In all instances, be sure that this space remains clear of all graphics, typography and imagery.

Tive Logo clear space representation.

Amoebas Pebbles

examples of Amoebas pebble shapes

Amoeba pebbles can be used as secondary design elements for icons or scaled-up in the background as over-lapping fields of color from the Tive™ color palette. If more variations of the amoeba pebbles are needed, they can be rotated in varying degrees.

This part will be the cynosure above all. The construction
needs to be exact. Disloyalty regarding to threaten the identity.

Any further activities relevant to the Tive™ amoeba pebbles, the Creative Director will have the right to take the decision under advisement and or reject the request.


Brand palette of colors pms 550 c, pms 5555 c, pms 7563 c, pms 7609 c.
examples of logos and amoebas with different brand colors


examples of Tive branded fonts

Brandon Grotesque is the definitive typeface for Tive™. Available from the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Any further activities relevant to the typeface family, the Creative Director will have the right to take the decision under advisement and or reject the request.

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