Frequently asked questions


What is Tive™?

Our Mobile App offers a diverse and vital platform for the millions of d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH) and the Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) communities, and for the Interpreters.

It is a service, communication technology, community and d/Deaf centric gathering place.

What do I need to do in order to use the Tive™ App?

You must first download the Tive™ App from the IOS App store or Google Play store. The app is available on both platforms for free.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues?

You can contact us at If support is needed via sign language, please email this link first so we may direct you to the best support agent and send you a video chat link.

What do I need to use for TiveConnect?

Just your mobile phone and or tablet. While TiveConnect works on both WiFi and your Mobile cellular connection. It is optimized for both giving you the crisp video chat interaction experience. Incoming calls and requests adehere to your device haptics notification settings. By choosing TiveConnect, you gain access to qualified, professional and friendly sign language interpreters. TiveConnect and is HIPAA Compliant.

Who is Tive™?

Tive™ was built side by side with the d/Deaf to serve the community and their circle of family, friends and colleagues. A curated App designed specifically to be welcoming, content-rich and an environment designed to enrich the lives of d/Deaf and HOH Americans and their families, including CODA.

Tive™ is a bridge to an era of access and inclusivity.

Tive™ is transformative, expanding the world of choice and freedom.

How do I start?

We first recommend completing your Profile under the “More” tab in the app to include name, bio, image or sign name and your interests which will promote your best usage of the app experience.

What's next?

Under the “More” tab, we then highly suggest clicking on your App Settings to make sure all your microphone, camera and notifications settings are active and enabled. This ensures a seamless operating experience across all the features of the Tive™ app.

Building my community and expanding my network?

Under the TiveMix, click on the “Search & Follow users” and insert the names of your Friends, Family or Colleagues that you wish to interact with on the Tive app to then “follow” them. This will then populate your TiveMix feed with content, sharing and grow your immediate community feed. Additionally, it will also add to your TiveChat which will enable you to chat or use sign language over video to your network.

What does Tive™ have to offer me?

TiveMix: Heart of Tive™ where the d/Deaf, HOH, CODA, and friends and families of the community come together.

TiveChat: Robust messaging platform specifically designed for the d/Deaf, HOH and CODA communities.

TiveConnect: Enables the community to access sign language interpreters: anytime, anywhere, for anything.

TiveHub: Experiences, knowledge-base, and support uniquely serving the d/Deaf, HOH and CODA communities.

What is TiveVRS?

VRS is a telecommunication service for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals who use sign language as their primary language. VRS enables anyone to conduct video relay calls through a certified sign language interpreter. The Deaf user sees an interpreter on their screen and signs to the interpreter, who then places a call to a hearing person via a standard phone line and relays the conversation between both parties.

Statement of Privacy and Consumer Confidentiality:

Accommodation services are covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so confidentiality is protected. Tive Interpreters are required to abide by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf/National Association of the Deaf Code of Ethics and the Federal Communication Commission’s regulations regarding your consumer rights to privacy and confidentiality.